Roaccutane Ride

My acne ridden roller-coaster: 

So, I have started this blog a little late in the day but I want to write a truthful account of what I have experienced on this drug for those just about to start. 

When I was first prescribed Roaccutane I stupidly took to Google to do some research and instantly regretted it. A lot of hair loss banter being thrown around, along with a healthy amount of depression served with a side of anal bleeding. Oh yeah! That’s really one of the popular side effects. 

Ok, so this drug is harsh there is no denying that, and I am in no way glorifying it. Roaccutane is a horrible drug that should only be used as a last resort. In my case it was. 

I developed acne when I was thirteen on my back, forehead, chest, arms and neck and have suffered ever since. I tried EVERYTHING, every lotion, every pill, every home remedy. I have been to the doctor countless times, only to be told different things and prescribed different creams. 

I finally spoke to someone who actually looked at my skin and, drum roll please, prescribed me Roaccutane! I’m on 20mg for four months with regular check ups. 

My truly sexy side effects:

As I said, this drug is harsh. The drug started working within about three days for me. And when I say started to work I mean it. My skin, usually with enough grease to supply a takeaway, became noticeably dryer. My chest, back forehead and arms started to clear up.

However, when you hear people say you get dry lips they are not messing about. I’m not going to lie, they get bad. Bad enough that you literally have to carry lip salve with you at all times. You start to panic if you cant find it because your lips start to pucker and you look vaguely duckish. My lips are a constant battle, sometimes they crack at the sides and it makes it difficult to eat, or smile. But I think I’m winning, I live and breathe with a tub of Caramax lip salve by my side and it seems to be doing the trick.

Next, your hair. Despite what I have read from other people, I have experienced no hair loss. In the first two weeks I did get and insanely itchy head. It lasted for days and I was itching it so much it bled. I finally caved and bought some Neutrogena Tgel. It stinks and has the potential to dye your hair if you’re blond but it worked for me. It stopped the itching and my hair looked very shiny.

Pro, because this drug dries out your skin and closes your oil glands, your hair becomes less greasy. I have gone from washing my hair twice a week to once. It gets a little dry at the ends but who cares? I’m saving a fortune in shampoo!

Now to the depression. On my first round I felt nothing out of the ordinary. I was going mad because the my itchy scalp made me want to rip my hair out but I felt fine generally. This second round has been slightly harder. I can understand why they put so much emphasis on this side effect. I’m only a little down, maybe wanting to stay in and eat a tub of ice cream to myself in my sweat pants. On a serious note, make sure someone is watching over you, it could be nothing but it doesn’t hurt to have someone around who will bring you another tub of ice cream.     

That’s it. That is my experience of Roaccutane so far. It might be because I’m on a low dose but all I can pre warn you about from my experience is the worst itchy scalp known to man, dry lips which make you look like you have been drinking vimpto and some days where you want to sit inside and watch a Ryan Gosling movie.

It’s been worth it for me. I can wear a strappy top and feel like no one is looking at my skin. I finally feel like a normal person with ordinary skin. That’s all I have ever wanted.